Welcome, to Floyd’s Book Club! Below you will find a list of the books I have read within the current month – complete with “Love,” “Weeping,” and “Donita” Factors. I even have links to the books on Amazon, for your viewing pleasure!

I sincerely hope that you find a book or two within this newsletter that catches your interest. Whether you pick one up at the library, a local bookstore, or on your E-reader – I wish you Happy Reading!

– Jana M. Floyd

A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis


*Trigger Warning: This novel includes references to sexual abuse.

Grace Mae is sent to an asylum in disgrace with a growing belly. But her circumstances change drastically when she loses the baby and fakes her own death to escape her previous life. She finds herself assisting in the case of a serial killer while still trying to come to terms with her own life.

Love Factor: 3 out of 5 Hearts

Weeping Factor: 0 out of 5 Tears

*Donita Factor: 2 out of 5 Teapots

*Donita Factor: This factor will tell you if there are any steamy bits in the book. The scale will be measured by Teapots of Steam. 1 being just a little steam and 5 being… well…. you get the picture.

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters41W6d8hHJZL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_

Written in the Dickens Era, Sue Tinder is hired as a ladies maid for Maud Lilly. Little does Maud know it is all part of a scheme to get at her fortune. Little does Sue know that she will fall in love with her mistress. Both girls are sure to be disappointed when they find out they are not the architects of their own destinies.


Love Factor: 3 out of 5 Hearts

Weeping Factor: 0 out of 5 Tears

*Donita Factor: 3 out of 5 Teapots


The Deep


From the cover:

The water-breathing descendants of African slave women tossed overboard have built their own underwater society—and must reclaim the memories of their past to shape their future.


Love Factor: 3 out of 5 Hearts

Weeping Factor: 0 out of 5 Tears



If you would like to send me a book recommendation, become a guest reviewer, or just want to chat about any of the books in today’s issue – please feel free to email me or comment on this post!

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    1. Sure thing! Whatcha got?


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