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You are really busy, right? Running here and there, praying there is enough coffee to make it through the day. T-ball practice, grocery store runs, making sure that bill gets to the mail box on time.

I get it!

Trust me, there are some days when I don’t think I can down enough coffee to keep up.

Ready for the Sales pitch?

But wait! There’s More!

All joking aside. We are all busy people. And sometimes its hard to keep up with our favorite authors. Because let’s face it, sometimes reading isn’t at the top of our priority lists (despite our best efforts!).

Truth be told, I don’t want to fall off your radar. I didn’t tip my hand there, did I? Too bold? Anyhow. Signing up for my Mailing List will basically keep you in the loop about that is happening around here.

Don’t worry, I won’t be like that guy/gal you went on a date with that one time and then wouldn’t leave you alone for months. Cross my heart, hope to die – that will never happen. If it helps, you can also unsubscribe at anytime. Damn, why haven’t they done that for dating yet?

Whew! If you’ve made through all that rambling, you deserve an extra shot of espresso. Or ten.

So….. you can sign up for my Mailing List using the link below. And Thank You! You Rock! I’ll buy you those extra shots if we ever meet in a coffee shop.

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