A Sweet, Contemporary, Romance Series


The Paradise Valley Series, Book 1

Paradise Valley

When a city girl meets a rugged cowboy, will true love take the reins?

Bestselling author Claire blames her writer’s block on her recent breakup. So a peaceful Montana cabin retreat seems like the perfect setting to clear her mind. But her summer gets off to a rocky start when she maroons her car and has to endure a humiliating rescue from her handsome host.

Patrick Cole is desperate to save his ranch from foreclosure. But making a few dollars renting cabins to entitled city folk won’t keep the family property in the black. And his latest guest may just prove to be more trouble than she’s worth… even if she does look like a million bucks.

As Claire relaxes into her new surroundings, Cole sees glimpses of a possible future. But with her deadline approaching and the bank threatening to repossess his business, neither can afford to let their hearts run free.

Will Claire and Cole’s budding romance remain unfinished, or open a door to love?


The Paradise Valley Series, Book 2

Long Way Home

When Julie’s heart and life are at odds, will true love conquer all?

Julie has come home to Paradise Valley at last. Her big brother, Cole, and bestselling author Claire are tying the knot, and Julie has arrived early to help with the big day. But as she examines her own romantic choices, she finds herself envious of the couple’s fairytale love.

Garrett is a new ranch hand and is getting roped into all sorts of wedding tasks. When Julie arrives, he finds her spunky, beautiful, and charming. But when her secret fiancé shows, Garrett finds that he doesn’t think too much of the man – or of how he treats Julie.

As Julie struggles to come to terms with her life and possibly leaving Paradise Valley for good, Garrett is determined to let the unmistakable chemistry between them go. But as they work together to help Cole and Claire enchant the valley with the perfect wedding, their hearts are drawn to each other.

Will Julie and Garrett walk away from their own fairytale romance, or will love bring them home?

The Paradise Valley Series, Book 3, A Novella

Christmas in Paradise Valley

With a blizzard blowing through the Rocky Mountains, will Christmas still come to Paradise Valley Ranch?

Clarie Montague Cole’s second Christmas in Montana is put on notice when a winter storm threatens to snow the valley in until May. But the author turned ranch owner and her husband Cole are determined to have the perfect holiday and give Cole’s sister and her boyfriend a once in a lifetime gift.

Julie Cole and Garrett Taylor have a special gift of their own to present to the ranch owners. However, it will come with the somber news that the couple needs to move off the ranch into a bigger home.

Will this Christmas be a time of joy and celebration, or will the dropping temperatures freeze more than the snow?



Both books Long way home and Paradise Valley are dang good stories!!!

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