Paradise Valley

My Dearest Friends and Readers!

The day has finally come! Paradise Valley – Book One of The Paradise Valley Series – is officially published! *Insert Ridiculous Victory Dance Here*

I am beyond excited to share this sweet, western romance with you. Fair warning, my love of Montana and the Montana mountains may show. Just a little bit. Maybe. Claire and Cole hold special places in my heart. I hope you love them as much as I do.

You can purchase Paradise Valley in Paperback or E-Book on Amazon, as well as Signed Paperback copies here on my website.

In case you want a refresher on the plot line…


When a city girl meets a rugged cowboy, will true love take the reins?

Bestselling author Claire blames her writer’s block on her recent breakup. So a peaceful Montana cabin retreat seems like the perfect setting to clear her mind. But her summer gets off to a rocky start when she maroons her car and has to endure a humiliating rescue from her handsome host.

Patrick Cole is desperate to save his ranch from foreclosure. But making a few dollars renting cabins to entitled city folk won’t keep the family property in the black. And his latest guest may just prove to be more trouble than she’s worth… even if she does look like a million bucks.

As Claire relaxes into her new surroundings, Cole sees glimpses of a possible future. But with her deadline approaching and the bank threatening to repossess his business, neither can afford to let their hearts run free.

Will Claire and Cole’s budding romance remain unfinished, or open a door to love?

Paradise Valley is a refreshingly sweet Western romance. If you like charming characters, unmistakable attraction, and breathtaking mountain settings, then you’ll adore Jana Floyd’s touching novel.

Buy Paradise Valley to begin a new chapter of love today!

1.1 Paradise Valley E-Book Cover

Order on Amazon or Here!

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