This One Time, I Bought a House…

Hello Friends!

I realize it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything here, on the website. My deepest apologies and I promise that I missed you.

**Side note: If you are really, really desperate to see more ‘posts’ from me (If this is the case, you may need more friends. Sorry. The truth hurts.) you are always welcome to follow any of my social media stuff. No pressure!

To make a very long, slightly dramatic story short, I was house hunting. And as it turns out, that takes way more energy than anything ever should. EVER. But I will cut to the chase. Last Friday, I officially signed a whole bunch of paperwork that says I owe the bank a whole lot of money for a house. And then Saturday, with a high fever and eating ibuprofen like candy, I moved in! *Insert victory dance here!*

Now, I am sure you are wondering (or maybe not) why I am oversharing all this pretty useless information.

#1. Because I am a little excited.

#2. I am finally writing again.

Don’t get me wrong. The past few months I had still working on things here and there. But my 1st drafting power was completely zapped. And it was awful. I hated it. What few sentences I managed to eek out were absolutely and truly terrible and they have all since been deleted.

This week, I’ve written every day. *Insert an even bigger victory dance here!*

I don’t have a work space set up, yet. Still working on that – furniture and decorating is hard. But I have been typing up a storm at my kitchen counter and sometimes even out on the deck. Its both a relief and joy that I can’t quite put into words.

Anyhow. I am excited. Both for a new house and to let out the stories rolling around in my head.

That’s my story. And, for right now, I am sticking to it.

You guys are pretty great.


P.S. I’ve updated the website. What to you think?

My new house! Look at me being an Adult!

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