It’s Still Winter. But there is this podcast.

The last two days, due to Winter Storm Warnings, I have spent more than enough time crawling along the interstate – which I believing is also refereed to as commuting.

“Snow? In April? But it’s spring,” you protest.

Yes, yes. I know the calendar says it’s “spring.

“How much snow?” you ask in disbelief.

Let’s just say that the snow in my backyard was gone and now it is as tall as my dog. Again.

To make these commutes bearable (even on the days when it doesn’t take me an hour and a half to get home) I tend to listen to a carousel of different things. Metal Tunes, Audio Books (I just finished Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Memoir. It was amazing.), Podcasts, All Manner of Music that isn’t country. Anything to make the miles feel like they are going by faster.

Luckily, at the beginning of this week I was turned on to a new podcast series by Tanya Tagaq‘s twitter feed. (Side Note: Her music is truly fascinating, if you want to check it out.) Thanks to the extended driving, I dived in. Heart first, as it were. The podcast is called Missing & Murdered – Finding Cleo. And oh man, does it pull at your heart strings. It’s about a family who were torn apart as children during the 60’s Scoop and are now trying to locate information about their sister Cleo, who they haven’t seen or heard of since the 70s.

Why is this relevant to you? Well… not only am I listening to this podcast to make my commute better, it’s also research for the series I want to write. (Current working title: The All Directions Series. But don’t hold me to that.) While this might be a little bit of an excuse to put off working on something that terrifies me, I also think the story of this family is a story worth being heard. It is a story worth being remembered.

I hope that you are warm and safe and that it’s not snowing wherever you may be in the world. And if you listen to the podcast, I would love to know your thoughts.


Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo is available on Apple Podcasts or through their website


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